Personalize it!

MUST-HAVE: Personalized products!

Credit Levi Strauss & Co who put the customer in control of product customization back in 2004 (!!) with a consumer based system that derived at a ‘personalised pair’. Today, Nike offers a similar service which allows for customization options in color and design. Similarly, Converse allow customers to supply their own graphics to turn trainers into completely unique one-offs. Forget one-size fits all, customization is now mainstream and to appease a generation of millennials, who demand instant gratification, it’s immediate. It’s happening instore and online and it offers consumers a truly unique product.

Read on to find out more about the personalisation trend that is now making your shopping journey as unique as you are.

Luxury Products

The decision to invest in luxury goods is not to be taken lightly. In fact, a beautiful leather handbag might be one of the biggest investments you ever make which is why personalisation can provide a particular incentive. Crafting your initials on to leather, or adding patches that reflect what is important to you, offers you a unique journey where the destination is inhabited Instagram material.

Unique Customisation

Customization ensures that you take one product from the shelf (or virtual shop) and leave with something totally customized and bespoke. This fulfills the needs of generation Z whose nuance, it seems, is to be totally individual (a tough job, but somebody has to do it). And nothing is more unique than a customized shopping experience and the instant accessibility of something totally personalized.

Make it Yours

The Louis Vuitton, “Make it Yours” Campaign offers a selection of patches which can be crafted to your liking – making something totally bespoke. The end product is not just something individual but artwork that speaks of your hobbies, your interests – YOU! While the LV logo is one of the most recognized around the world, your interpretation of it is owned by you alone.

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After all, it's your journey!

Every customer is on their unique journey and those that demand a little bit more than the generic offering already know to embrace customization as the norm. So, if you are looking for a handbag that sets you are apart from the rest, seek out options that allow you to make it personal. 

The personalisation experience is offering you the chance to gift yourself (and others) with something truly relevant. There are, after all, handbags – and then there are truly beautiful handbags in your favorite color, with your own initials and details that make your heart sing.