The 5 ‘It’ Bags Every Women Should Own

We are going to argue that collecting handbags, when done correctly, can be an art-form. Neigh, not just an art-form but a means of investment because the right bag will never lose its charm, its desirability, or its value. In fact, a well-chosen designer handbag can even act as a family heirloom long after you are gone, retaining value and even, in the case of limited-editions, increasing it. It may sound morbid, but some designer bags are totally and utterly worth the capital spend now, for a return later.

And, if that is not enough, if you abide by the concept of ‘investment pieces’ you narrow your wardrobe down, refining it and conceptualizing it. Choosing quality over quantity means selecting pieces that fulfil your whole life and with it your work commitments, your social life arrangements and your travel plans. So, with that in mind, here are the FIVE ‘it’ bags every woman should own – for their practicality, their ability to hold their price and their down-right desirability.

1. Prada - Saffiano Cuir Double Bag

A Little Black Dress, Chanel No 5. . .there are just some things a woman has to have in her possession and the perfect black bag is one of them. Styled with the easy assumption that you can just ‘throw’ in all your life, yet smart enough to be propelled from the realms of casual, right into the realms of luxe.

 2. Chloé - Hudson Small Studded & Braided Leather Shoulder Bag

When it comes to Chloé, it’s hard to select just one iconic bag, not when you have the smooth calfskin offered by the Drew Shoulder Bag, or the originality of the Faye bag, with its 70s inspired studded hardware. However, we are waging bets on one true hero - the Chloé Hudson. A classic saddle-bag design that is covetable due to its colour, that exact shade of Caramel that is perfectly combinable with, well, just about everything (naturally!).

🔥 The perfect companion for festival season.

3. Saint Laurent - Monogram Croc Embossed Leather Shoulder Bag

We could whittle on about the front flap, or the removable metal chain but it’s the interlocking YSL signature that sells it, time and time again. YSL will always come to symbolise effortless, chic style.

4. Céline – Micro Belt

Not just Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s favourite bag, it is also one of ours! It is the minimalistic yet very feminine design that makes this Céline model a timeless classic. Also, with its wide and roomy interior, it holds whatever life has to throw at us girls. Quintessential Céline style at its best. You’re welcome.

5. Fendi - Rotating Hardware Baguette

If in doubt, monochrome it out (style lesson brought to us by Amal Clooney). This is one hell of a bag, with Fendi interlocking logo and beautiful hardware. Monochrome is the answer to most style questions. If you are looking for a go-to bag that will offer you a long and happy relationship, this Fendi is for you.

🔥Such a classic model can always be bought in bright colour or unusual pattern. Seen with & inspired by Stella von Senger!