Heavenly Design from Berlin

We fell in love. In a bag. And not just any bag! Nooo, we fell in love with the heavenly blue clutch of the Berlin label Perret Schaad.

And just like people in love, we can not stop swarming about this beautiful light-blue clutch. So, let us introduce to you the label behind it: PERRET SCHAAD!

PERRET SCHAAD stands for curiosity and the individual definition of beauty. The designers Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad combine their ideas - both love the interplay of quality and eloquence. Their approach is defined by traditional craftsmanship and technology combined with a desire to redefine the rules of the fashion world. The designer duo attaches great importance to the manufacturing process of their products. This is why all leather goods are produced in Germany by a small leather goods production.

...And so our darling was born. Hello, Perret Schaad Clutch! Smooth, high-quality leather in a sky blue tone. This makes us start to dream. The minimalistic design is a true tribute to the city, elegance, movement and versatility - just like intended by the designer duo Perret Schaad!

⚡️Please contact the label for product inquiries here. 

Happy Shopping!