With our blogpost we want to share our experience at the international fair trade LINEAPELLE, which is an international exhibition of leather, accessories, components, fabrics, synthetics and models. 


So this blogpost is for all handbag designers, fashion students and everyone who is interested in the latest leather trends. Click through their photo gallery online - it gives you a pretty good picture of what to expect. If you have any questions left after reading this, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll respond to you quickly.

And let's start with on of the biggest questions:

How to get tickets?

Luckily, this is really easy. All you need is a company/business (which you should have anyway since LINEAPELLE is a B2B fair). If your business registration is not completed yet (in Germany this can take weeks) just use the “future” name of the business.

You apply online: follow this link.

1.) Company details: First you have to fill out all details about the business: address, email, etc.

2.) Activities & categories: In this field you only have to answer two questions. What is your job and in what area do you work. For example, DESIGNER for LEATHER GOODS.

3.) Activity description: Basically, in this field you explain who you are, what you do and search for. You could say for example something like:

- “I work for a leather goods company from ….”
- “We produce handbags, small leather goods and accessories”
- "My job as a bag designer includes research of new leather trends”
- “At LINEAPELLE I am looking for new leather trends as well as leather and metal accessories supplier”

4.) Personal details: In this field, you fill out your name and email address. That’s all.

And it’s done!! If you are going as a team, you have to fill out the form for each employee individually. Once you’ve sent the application, you have to wait up to 5 days to get your ticket. In our personal experience this does not take longer than 2 days.

MERSOR Blogpost | Lineapelle Registration Form

Your ticket is valid for all days. From our personal experience, you should take two days for your first visit at the fair. After that, one day should be enough. We recommend you to download the LINEAPELLE app. You can save your tickets and search easily for exhibitors, food stands, fair plan, etc.


What to bring?

Business cards!! The most important thing is to bring plenty of business cards. Some exhibitors do only allow you to enter their booth then you give them your business cards. In case, you do not have any business cards yet, just write down your business details on a piece of paper and hand it to them (They just want to expand their business network and customer database).

Also important: A notebook & pen - write everything down!! You will learn & see so much, it's impossible to remember everything.

🤚Do not forget to do your homework before going! Are there any certain exhibitors you want to visit? Which areas (and thus halls, e.g. accessories, leather) are you interested in? Do you want to see some interviews or speeches? Check out the LINEAPELLE website for the schedule and further information in advance! This will save you so much time and you make sure that you get everything you were looking for!

So, now when you have your ticket confirmation and you are ready to go. The following abstract will give you a pretty detailed picture of how a typical day at the LINEAPELLE exhibition will look like:


Outside the halls...

There is a free shuttle bus that brings you from the airport to the fair grounds and back. Additionally you can take this shuttle to go to the central station of Milan and back.The fair takes place at the Fieramilano Rho, which is the most famous fair ground of Milan. When you arrive by shuttle bus, you have to walk approx. 5 min to the hall. Just follow the crowd or signs - it's hardly to miss. When you have the ticket already (e.g. in the app or as an email attachment), just enter. Machines will “check” your ticket. Otherwise you have to line up at the registration where staff will accredit you for the event.


Once inside the fair ground...

💡Wardrobe – be quick on the first day! Otherwise you will not be able to make use of the service since it has only limited capacities. The other days it’s a bit easier since most people arrive on the first day (and visit only on this day) so you will be more likely to leave your jackets and/or luggage at the wardrobe. And YES, it’s for free and YES, you can leave your luggage at the wardrobe.

In all hallways you’ll get a LINEAPELLE booklet with an exhibitor overview and map. It is very helpful as you can highlight the exhibitors you want to visit in the map.

MERSOR Blogpost | Lineapelle Leather 

If you’ve found the exhibitors booth you were looking for – what then?

Sometimes you have to give the hostess you business cards in order to enter and sometimes you can get go inside and have a look. Most certainty, the exhibitor will ask you what you are looking for. They are always keen to talk to you! They will answer all you questions and help you finding the things you need. If you only need low MOQs (=minimum order quantities) don't be afraid to ask for them. Tell them your story (no matter if you are young company, startup, one-person-company, etc.) 99% of them are interested and keen to learn more about their future customers – regardless if you order small quantities.


What to expect when getting HANGRY? 😈

When you plan to spend the whole day at the fair-trade it’s quite important to know what to expect in regards to food & beverages. And the answer would be: Not much💔 There are plenty of offers inside and outside of the halls, yet most food is basic fair food. Nothing special but it serves the purpose. You can have pizza, pasta, salad (not to recommend) and other basic food. We recoomend: Tomato-Mozzarella-Sandwich and the freshly squeezed orange juice - these two are actually really tasty!


Other useful information:

Charging your phone can be tricky. There are only a few plug sockets for maaaany visitors, so be prepared and bring your postable charger. In regards to accommodation in Milano, Airbnb is definitely the smartest choice. Many people offer their room or apartment so you have a great selection of accommondations. Last but not least: the costs 💸 From our team's experience, overall we’ve spent around 100€ (per person) for one day at LINEAPELLE:

- Flight (from Berlin): approx. 70€
- Fair Ticket: 0€
- Food & Beverages: 30€

Of course, it rises when you stay a night or two in Milan.


All in all, we can only highly recommend you to visit the fair at least once. As a new fashion business it is necessary to see how the industry operates, who's behind the brands, what are new trends...and hey, it's all for free! So pack you things and go ✈️ (This post is not sponsored or anything, we just sincerely want to help).

We hope this answers a lot of questions about the LINEAPELLE exhibition. Let us know what you think!


MERSOR team❤️